Update #1 on Tuesday 9/18/2018

On the event of 1 week since Billy’s fundraising with Sumo users.

From Billy’s CEO

September 18, 2018

Last week we sent you an email asking for your help to fund our next set of major features.

The results have been both good and not-so-good.

But first, to address a concern we heard from a few people.

No. Billy is not going away and, no, this is not a cry for help. Billy, in its present state, can pay for its bills but the company doesn’t have enough cash-flow to pay for new features.

If you find value in Billy and want new features, like Paypal payments, subscription billing or a Zapier integration, please consider chipping in on our Go-Fund-Me Page HERE.

Another concern was, “Why only $9,000 as your goal? That doesn’t get you very far.” You are right, it doesn’t, but it helps take much of the burden off of our current cash flow. The project costs are roughly $5,000/month and all of these features will take about 3-4 months.

Everyone on the team has made sacrifices for Billy. So, yes, we are fully committed to making Billy even better, with your help. The $9,000 goal was what we feel would be fair to ask from you.

If 1,000 people put in $10 (the cost of 2 lattes) we would be just fine! But that’s not what happened.

Read on to see what I mean.

First the good.

The turn-out of people who love and support Billy has been staggering!

Some people have donated over $400 to fund our next features! (For real!)

One generous donor who put in $200 said:

“I love Billy! If you do too, I challenge you to donate what it’s worth to you. The sooner we step up, the sooner we get to use these new features.”

Thank you so much to the 86 people who helped to fund our new features so far!

Now the not-so-good

The average donation was just $10 and we’ve only raised $1,800. Unfortunately, this doesn’t get us very far in the software world.

So I want to make you an offer that might be hard to refuse.

What you get when you donate – This Week

If you want to see our new features but are still on the fence about donating, or are considering donating again, we’d like to offer you:

  • For a $79 donation, you get an annual subscription to Billy for one NEW organization (Normally $190/year)
  • For a $129 donation, you get an annual subscription for one new organization renewing at $79 + 30 minutes with our onboarding specialist to help set up that new organization (Normally $190/year + $199 for the onboarding)
  • For a $299 donation, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to Billy for one new organization + 30 minutes with our onboarding specialist to help set up that new organization (that’s equal to 10 months of QuickHooks online!)
  • You can offer these deals to your friends!

If you’ve donated less than $79, please consider donating again to grab this incentive.

If you’ve been hesitant to donate, now is a great time to do so and get this great perk! 


Help Fund our Features for 2018

Grab one of these amazing perks as a thank you for your contribution to our new features this year.

Visit our funding page

Here are some more amazing comments from our fundraising page:

Thank you so much!


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