Feeling alone and unprepared for the financial realities of running your own business?

Billy’s online community can give you the support you need to learn what the gurus won’t tell you.

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You didn’t start your business to look at spreadsheets all day

You probably didn’t start your business because you love looking at balance sheets. When I started my first business, it was because I loved helping my customers. But then tax time rolled around, and I had made mistakes that cost me thousands of dollars.

When you aren’t trained in business finance, starting your own company can be terrifying and it might seem like there’s nobody there to answer your questions.

That’s why we started Billy University. You don’t have to be alone and confused about accounting, finance, sales or any other administrative task that takes you away from doing what you really love, helping your customer.

A Membership site

Online video courses

What is Billy University?

Billy University is a monthly membership site where, each month, you learn about a new essential topic about business finance, taxes, accounting, sales flow and more.

In short, you’ll plug into a community of knowledgeable experts whose sole purpose is to get you the skills you need to become successful with your business.

When you sold your first hour of services, no one told you how to handle that money. This community will fill in those gaps, answer your questions and support your business’s success.

Billy University is just $47/month

Try your first 14 days for just $1!
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Online video lessons from a real-life CPA

Naomi Granger, CPA of 10 years turned entrepreneur, has mapped out over 12 months of MBA level curriculum that she teaches in an easy-to-understand way, with video, slides and real-life examples.

Each month will feature a different important topic about your business numbers, from customized chart-of-accounts to understanding budgeting and forecasting. These numbers are essential to know about if you ever chose to sell your business, or even just to have a cheaper accounting bill come tax time.

You will learn...

Some curriculum you’ll get will include:

  • Accounting for beginners
  • Understanding your Balance sheet
  • Your income statement and business decision making
  • Cash is king, so manage it
  • Chart of accounts and your taxes
  • Invoicing best practices to make sure you get paid
  • Your sales process and quotes
  • Much more…

Live monthly power sessions

We invite world-class experts to give you live training each month on a variety of topics. This year, we’ll be covering international business, cash forecasting, Facebook ads, business blogging and even leadership skills.

Each session will be held live so you can interact with our speaker. Recordings of past sessions will be available in the membership site so you can revisit them whenever you wish.

Tax time mini-lessons

From December to February, we will provide you with a supplementary course to help you prepare for your taxes. This tax-time course will answer all of your questions about how to prepare data before sending it to your accountant in order to dramatically reduce your costs. We’ll also cover topics to help you maximize your tax deductions to help you keep more of your hard earned money.

If you’ve never gone through tax time before as a small business, you’ll thank us later for the thousands of dollars we’re going to save  you.

Ask an accountant program

You are invited to office hours with our resident CPA, Naomi Granger. Each month, Naomi will open her doors to any and all questions related to business finances. Naomi will become your trusted advisor for all kinds of accounting and business related questions you may encounter from day to day. You’ll never feel like you are on your own again.

Online community of like-minded entrepreneurs

You are not alone in your mission to start and run your own business! You’ll be able to interact with, ask questions of and collaborate with other like-minded members of Billy University.

Annual conference

You will have VIP status at our annual conference held each year in wonderful Portland, Oregon. Before tickets are live, we’ll reserve the first sales for you so you can be sure to have a seat. VIP tickets get you access to exclusive events, prizes, and programs.

About your instructor

Naomi Granger is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over 12 years experience working with public accounting firms and other companies of various sizes including Fortune 500 enterprises. She has found that her true passion is working with small and medium size companies where, in many instances, the financial infrastructure can be strengthened to save money, help growth and allow for faster decision-making.

Naomi provides financial coaching, monthly accounting, budgeting, and tax planning services to entrepreneurs and small business owners across the United States. She helps these business owners create reports that are meaningful to management and stakeholders to understand the financial position and performance of the business.

How much does this cost?

We’re so sure you’re going to love being a member that we’ll let you try it out for 14 days for just $1. If you don’t find any value, no problem. Just cancel.

However, if you learned something new, stay with us. Learning the language of business is a lifelong pursuit. So we’re opening up our community to you at a huge discount. Normally, it would cost someone $97/month to get this quality of education. Right now, we are discounting memberships by half. Join now for just $47/month.

Billy University is just $47/month

Try your first 14 days for just $1!
Cancel anytime

Amazing High-Valued Bonuses


[Ebook] Slide Satisfaction $29 $0

Written by Billy’s founder, Toke Kruse, Slide Satisfaction is a book on how to create great presentations and how to catch your audience’s attention. This book can teach you how to hold an audience in the palm of your hand and close a business deal when the lights go back on after the last slide.

[Ebook] Grandma’S Secret Recipe $29 $0

In his book, Toke Kruse takes you by the hand and guides you through his landscape of entrepreneurship, bringing you on a journey that starts with a simple observation at a café in Copenhagen and ends with you equipped with the right knowledge to answer the most important questions: Will your idea work? Who are your competitors? What strategy should you pursue? Who should you hire for your team? And how do you knot together all the threads to create something impossible to copy?

[Ebook] A Players $29 $0

Toke Kruse says that to succeed, we need to be A PLAYERS. I choose to disagree! B players can succeed, too. It’s just that the magnitude of their successes is measured on a different scale than the one A PLAYERS use. In this book, he’s taken a practical, hands-on approach to hiring the best people for your team based on years of experience and observation.

[Discount] Slideshop $49/mo $9/mo

Download 15,758 beautifully designed Presentation Templates for PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides from Slideshop.


If you ever feel like you are not getting value back from Billy University, you can cancel. Our promise to you is that you will LOVE being here, that your business will thrive with your new training and the resources you’ll have access to here will be far superior in value to anything you can find outside of the community. We understand that life situations change. That’s ok. You can just put us on pause, and come back when you are ready.


But I don’t have time for another course
Join anyway, then send your accountant your membership. If you spend less than $500/month for your accountant or bookkeeper, they’re not making enough money from you to be a real trusted advisor. But you can turn that around, and make them a trusted advisor by providing them with this training.
$47 per month seems really expensive
This is a financial education. People are going into hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to get their MBA. Even then, they might not even learn what they need to operate a small business. Bill University skips all of that and gets you the knowledge you need to truly master the language of business.
I already have an accountant, why do I need this?
Your accountant’s interests and your interests are not in alignment. You want to grow your business, save as much money as you can from taxes and make strategic decisions based on real data. Your accountant is trying to avoid getting sued by reducing your risk.