Here’s another article of our very own Joshua Waldman, which got published at AOL last April 6, 2017. Below is an excerpt:

Working as a freelance professional in a creative industry can be a very rewarding experience. It provides the freedom to pursue fun projects with a variety of customers while doing valuable work in the world. The payment for that work can provide a more secure and less-stressful lifestyle when you’re off the clock… that is if you manage to get paid.

What if you have a customer who doesn’t pay you, no matter what you do? In extreme cases, you could take them to small claims court (if applicable in your state).

A graphic designer friend of mine did just that. Whatever money the customer owed her had to go to court fees and make up for a lost day of work.

I almost wound up there. I had done a webinar with someone and we verbally agreed to split the revenue in half. He ended up keeping $8,000 and ignoring my invoices. When I asked him why he wasn’t paying, he told me there was no contract.

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