We saw 22% more invoices get paid when the invoice was customized to the familiar brand. Having a professional and branded invoice is tantamount to running a successful business and getting paid in a timely manner.

So to help you boost your sales and put some polish on your invoice style, we’ve asked our in-house designer to share an example of what a well-branded invoice might look like. She made this look like this:

Here’s how you can do the same.

First, update your fonts and styling

Go to your Settings > Templates then modify the Invoice template you are looking to upgrade.

The first tab you’ll see is Appearances. Let’s go down these settings.

  1. Update the fonts
    1. Change the Font Family to your brand’s font, or at least a close approximation
    2. Change the color of the font to #555555, to lighten it up to a gray, rather than black
  2. Header fonts
    1. Change the Header Font Family to your brand’s font, or at least a close approximation
    2. Change the Header Font Color to your brand’s accent color
    3. Change the font weight to bold
  3. Borders and margins
    1. Change both border colors to your brand’s accented color
    2. Change the top Margin to 65
    3. Change the Logo Alignment to Left
  4. Upload background accent
    1. Download these PSD or PNG background files
    2. Update the color strip in the file to the color of your brand’s accent color
    3. Upload the updated PNG file to Billy as a Background image in the template
    4. Save and preview, so far so good

Next, update your language

Click on the Language tab and update the following:

  1. What you call your taxes, if it’s not “Taxes” in your country
  2. Change the Invoice’s Alternative Document Title to what you call your invoices, for examples, some people like to call it “Sales Invoice”
  3. Find the Document footer message for your Invoice and paste the following code and save:

<br /><br /><br /><br />
<hr />
<strong><p style="font-size:34px; text-align:center;">Thank you for your business!</p></strong>