Portland, OR

Billy, a leader in accounting software for freelancers and entrepreneurs, has announced a lifetime discount of 20% off current pricing for its Silver, Gold, or Platinum tiers to current members of WeWork for the rest of Q2 in 2018.

Most small businesses fail in their first two years due to not understanding how to manage their cash-flow. Having an affordable and easy-to-use bookkeeping system is key to the future of work since many newly-minted entrepreneurs do not have a business finance background. WeWork’s mission to “Create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living.” means that their members are dedicated to spending as little time as possible doing the things that take them away from their work they love.

With Billy, WeWork members will now have more options when it comes to reducing overhead and regaining control over their new businesses money. To take advantage of this lifetime discount, click here to apply to get a WeWork code for Billy.

With recent changes in the tax code for individuals who work independently and for professionals starting their own business, it has become more important than ever to maintain a clear understanding of income and expenses, tracking and issuing invoices, and keeping clean books to save as much as possible during tax season. Billy is one of the highest rated, and most affordable, online accounting solutions to help with these processes.

With this lifetime discount specific to WeWork members, Billy aims to bring better bookkeeping to those who are serious about their business and looking to take charge of their finances, while saving hours a week using non-intuitive spreadsheets.

Because of the current trend of self-employment in the US workforce (the majority of workers will be freelancers by 2027, according to a 2017 study by Upwork and Freelancers Union), more and more workers will see a need to take charge of their own finances. Millennials, especially, are on the lookout for simple, cloud-based solutions to manage their finances and have a better grasp on what their economic situation looks like come tax time.

WeWork has rapidly become a haven and community for these Millennials looking for a freer way to work and collaborate. With 207 locations across 20 countries, WeWork has become synonymous with freelancing and entrepreneurship, which is why Billy is so excited to offer its 175,000 members this lifetime discount.

Billy has recently been recognized as 2018’s Top 20 Most Affordable and Most User-Friendly accounting software by Capterra, as well as being on their list for top Quickbooks alternatives, further illustrating the exact niche and the qualities young freelancers are looking for in their money management solutions. Fresh off a recent round of funding via Fundable, Billy is poised to add even more features and integrations to better service solo entrepreneurs.

If you’re a WeWork member, take advantage of this limited time offer and apply for your discount code. The 20% lifetime savings on Billy comes with a 14-day free trial. WeWork members can apply here: https://BillyApp.com/WeWork