Bills (Expense) data restored

Some users reported not seeing the line items inside Bills (expenses) created before the migration. These have all been restored. Funny story, I actually had to go to Denmark to get this missing data! (You’re welcome!)

This is where Billy started, in Copenhagen.

Email receipt capture feature restored

Some users reported that images forwarded to their email receipt capture address weren’t getting uploaded as draft expenses. This was caused by our SMTP provider changing their API and is now restored.

Moved “Opening balance” to organization settings

Many new Billy users were not setting opening balances and wondering why their accounts weren’t reconciling with their banks. So we’ve moved the Opening balance settings to a better location.


(Actually) Removed Billy branding at the bottom of invoices in the customer portal

Some users may have noticed that the branding was still on the bottom. This is now resolved for all users.


Bug Fixes

  • Removed “adjust notifications preferences” link from customer receipts
  • Email address to capture receipts not working for some users, fixed