11 Key In-app Language Updates

1) Bank Accounts: Renamed “Reconcile” to “Match Transactions” and turn the button green with a red number indicator if there are any transactions in the Reconcile page.


2) Bank Accounts > Reconcile: In the Reconcile page renamed: “Create Bill” to “Record Expense” and “Create Invoice” to “Record Income” and Create Transaction to “Create Transfer”

4) “During Account Setup, when adding “Bank Account” change to “Main Checking account”

5) Rename all references to Bills to Expenses

6) Update the Icon for Quotes to an actual quote!

7) Rename “VAT Deduction” to “VAT Account Assignment”

8) Quote: Change label on the green button in the top right hand of the screen from “Close” to “Archive”

9) Fix typo on contacts page. “create a new contRact.”

10) Turn the logout icon red.

11) change “Account overview” to “Account balance”?

Removed Billy branding at the bottom of invoices in the customer portal

Automatically remove Taxes (VAT) from invoices that don’t use any tax rates


Bug Fixes

  • Removed broken video on the empty reconcile page
  • Ability to move between accounts from within the reconcile page
  • Increase thumbnail load speed in Expenses
  • Some users reported not seeing all of their Bills data, 50% of these were restored