From time to time, we want to put a spotlight on some Billy customers with fun and interesting stories. This week, we got the chance to speak with Ed Friese, a freelance Supply Chain professional with years of experience in the Healthcare industry.

BillyApp: Thanks for chatting with us, Ed! Tell us a little about what you do for work.

Ed Friese: I was a regular 9-to-5 employee working in supply chain for healthcare for years. When I was laid off, I was hired by a consulting company and have been freelancing for about two years now. I assist with streamlining efforts of hospital supply chains.

BA: And what does that entail?

EF: It’s basically getting the best product for the best price to the right place at the right time. The healthcare industry is under the gun to reduce costs as much as possible so every little bit counts. When you’re buying tens of thousands of bandages a month, an extra cent saved per bandage adds up quick. So I help streamline the process, reduce costs, get quicker payments from their vendors, and a few other things.

BA: Two years into freelancing, how do you like it?

What I really like about freelance work is the diversity.

EF: Well I do miss the benefits of a 9-to-5, the health insurance for example. And there’s an uncertainty in freelance work, of course. So in that way, I think there is less stress in a regular job. I knew what I was doing when I get into the office each day. But what I really do like about freelance work is the diversity. It’s not the same every day. You deal with different things all the time. And you’re not trying to always get a promotion so you can do something different. I like that I’m my own man and I don’t have all that corporate stuff to deal with. I can try whatever I want.

: A lot of our readers can relate! What brought you to using BillyApp?

EF: I started with Excel spreadsheets to do my finances. With a one-man shop, it’s not too hard to stick with that, but I was looking for something for the long-term. I thought to myself “how do I want to be perceived in the business world?” If I just hand-write or type an invoice, does that portray me as the business that I want to be? Is this going to make the most sense for me two or three years from now?

How do I want to be perceived in the business world?

Billy was a great option and it was the right price.

BA: What do you like most about BillyApp?

EF: The learning curve with Billy is really short. It’s easy to use and the FAQs that you guys have will guide me in the right direction. As you know, accounting should be cut and dry, but there are just so many ways to slice and dice it. Billy allows for that flexibility.

One other thing Billy has that was an advantage for me is having something web-based. I’ve had work where I had to travel a lot, and I don’t have to be tied to just a certain laptop or tablet or phone. I can access Billy from any device, so it really adds to the flexibility unlike things like Quicken.

And when I was traveling a lot more, my clients would reimburse me for all my expenses: food, lodging, travel. So uploading receipts to Billy made things a lot easier. I could quickly provide my expenses to my clients on a weekly or monthly basis, and it was all really simple. That ability to upload receipts came in pretty handy.

Thanks Ed! If you’d like to be featured on Billy’s blog next, get in touch with us!