Getting to the top of Google’s search page can make or break your business. Steven and Jen Godlewski, founders of Hire SEO Manager, know this better than most as they’ve built a business upon helping SMBs improve their online marketing. We were lucky to speak with them about their growing business and how they use Billy to save time and money.

BillyApp: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Steven and Jen. So what’s your business all about?

Steven Godlewski: I’d been doing marketing work since ’99. Back then, we had a nutritional supplement business that was doing really well until the economy tanked in 2007-2008. So I took the skills I developed and started working at Caterpillar doing digital marketing. This was way back when SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing) wasn’t even a thing yet. SPAM was still something that came in a can. “Keyword stuffing” on websites was still cool to do. So I’ve been doing online marketing since the very beginning.

During this time, I was always doing a little freelancing; helping other companies improve their digital presence. I was also traveling a lot training dealers all over the country on SEO and marketing. Our two kids are in junior high and high school now and I wanted to travel less. So about half a year ago, Jen and I started Hire SEO Manager to do digital marketing for different clients full-time.

BA: Who are your typical clients and how do you help them?

SG: Small to medium-sized businesses, mostly B2B. We work with all sorts: traders, vendors; one client works in animal rescue. Everyone wants more customers in the door. I could bore you with SEO and SEM tips, but at the end of the day, we know that businesses just want more customers. We help increase traffic to their website, run Google AdWords campaigns, and consult on what to do on social media.

BA: Come on, bore us. What’s one tip you can share with our readers to help their SEO?

SG: The best thing you can do right now is make sure your Page Titles are descriptive. On your homepage, on your articles. If you can get that right, if your homepage’s title isn’t just “home,” you’re doing better than 90% of the people out there.

BA: What brought you to Billy?

SG: That’s where Jen comes in.

It’s the easiest program we’ve used and the support is wonderful.

Jen Godlewski: We tried out a few different programs and when we came across Billy on AppSumo, we loved it from day one. It’s the easiest program we’ve used and the support is wonderful. I love how you can put stuff in there just once and it’s there. You don’t have to constantly re-enter data. And you can customize the information as you need to. If you want to offer a discount, you can go into Billy and do a percentage off or a specific dollar amount.

And being able to email invoices directly to the customer makes life so much easier. There’s no need to print out forms or even send an attachment, since Billy does that for you.

I don’t like chasing people down to pay their invoices. It was one of my big procrastination factors. So that’s where Billy comes in.

SG: It can’t take a whole day to do invoices. It can’t take a whole day to do billing. I’m a freelancer. I love my work, doing SEO and SEM. I hate the money part. I don’t like chasing people down to pay their invoices. It was one of my big procrastination factors. So that’s where Billy comes in. The invoice is already done. I give it a quick look to make sure it matches what it should be for the month, and it’s ready. Other programs, we had to edit PDFs. Billy keeps it streamlined and simple.

JG: Billy integrates with our books and keeps track of all our expenses. Being able to do this sort of Profit & Loss is the best; it helps me keep a close pulse on what’s coming in and going out, so we know exactly where our focus should be based on the financial bottom line. I’ll look at Billy and know “oh, we need to get more customers,” or “oh we need to trim back on that expense.” I’m not a QuickBooks expert so this is really easy to use and helps keep a quick pulse on the livelihood of the business.

Thanks so much Steven and Jen! For their SEO expertise, be sure to check out Hire SEO Manager!