When you’re looking for a new job, what gets you to that first interview is an amazing résumé. We were fortunate to be able to speak with a guru on creating these great résumés, Nickquolette Barrett, CEO/Founder of iRock Résumés, who is an expert on helping people get their dream jobs. Here’s how she works, and how Billy helps with her growing business.

BillyApp: Tell us how iRock Résumés came about.

Nickquolette Barrett: I work for a large corporation, and a few years back we went through a major reorganization. I was in a management role, so I was charged with developing my direct reports to move on to new opportunities within the company. In this case, I had to get ten people prepped to take advantage of the new openings in a short time span. This included helping them write their internal résumés, conducting interview prep, as well as career coaching to ensure the new opportunities were right for them.

I ended up getting my whole team promoted within six months with salary increases from $5000 to $14,000! The two employees with the largest increases told me that I should do this as a business as people would pay me to do what I did for them. Honestly, I never thought about this as a business. But when I posted about my successes with my team to Facebook, people started asking me for help with their career.

BA: That’s amazing! So all of a sudden, you had a new business?

NB: Well at first, it was just for fun as I charged nearly nothing for my services. I didn’t know what to charge! But as the business grew with my clients’ needs, I began branching out to offer interview prep, career coaching, and LinkedIn branding. It suddenly became a true business and it’s been taking off ever since. Besides my clients, I’ve been presenting at conferences. My most recent one, I talked about maximizing LinkedIn profiles and how to market yourself online. I’ve also been coaching businesses on their LinkedIn marketing and branding strategies.

BA: We can tell you’re very enthusiastic about what you do!

I see myself as just the vehicle to package your skills and talent.

NB: I love hearing “oh wow, I can’t believe this is me!” when I work with a client to get their résumé and LinkedIn profile completed. I love building their confidence using my talets. See, it’s not just about landing a job, but building up their self-confidence in their own skills, talents, and abilities. As employees, we become hum-drum. We just do a job, we punch the clock, and go home. But I coach clients on how to show their value quantitatively and qualitatively. That’s how you get ahead in your career. So I see myself as just the vehicle to package your skills and talent.

BA: What’s one tip you can give to our readers right now about their job search?

NB: Be able to articulate what you do as a 990-secondpitch. Not your title or position. Don’t say “I’m manager of such and such and such.” That won’t impress me or anyone else. What do you do? What value can you bring to whoever you are speaking to? If you can be concise in your pitch with that information, they will ask you more questions. That will sell you to them and get you your next job.

BA: That’s fantastic advice! So now tell us how you came to use Billy.

I also love the dashboard so I can see where I am financially and where I want to be.

NB: I found out about Billy through your AppSumo deal. I was looking for something much easier than what I’ve been using. Something more streamlined. And Billy fit my needs. I love that there was a webinar when I first started. I learned that I could just pay someone to convert all my data from my old system to Billy! What a luxury. Stuff like that isn’t in my comfort zone, so being able to hand that off was great.

I use Billy’s snapshot option a lot. I also love the dashboard so I can see where I am financially and where I want to be. As a new business owner, I can see where my expenses are going or if I’m spending on random, useless stuff. It’s good to see what things I don’t need to spend on. I spend about 1 to 1.5 hours a week reviewing my financials, usually on Sundays. It’s really quick and really easy.

Thanks Nickquolette! For résumé help and job search coaching, be sure to visit her site: iRock Résumés!