Hey y’all! We recently got featured at Refersion last June 9, 2017, in which Joshua Waldman was interviewed by Refersion folks. Below is the excerpt:

Billy (www.billyapp.com), isn’t just a handsome cartoon fellow that we decided to write about, but a Refersion customer who is in the business of helping small businesses with their financials. We spoke with Joshua Waldman, Director of Operations at Billy, about the service Billy provides to SMBs and how they’ve grown their business with affiliate marketing.

So why the need for Billy? What pain points does the BillyApp solve?

JW: When it comes to accounting software, the options for entrepreneurs are somewhat limited. Quickbooks, Xero, these are great programs but they have a lot of features that small businesses don’t need. And you pay for them anyway. These programs are built for accountants, not for small companies where a couple people do everything.

For example, if you’re a freelance writer, and you just need to keep track of receipts, invoices, and expenses, all you need is a simple tool to help you organize everything. That’s what Billy is. It’s accounting but not for accountants. It’s all about time-saving.

Our tool automatically generates your next month’s invoice. It can send reminders to your clients, attach a late fee, and it’s very easy to see within the app who owes you money and help you manage your invoices. It can send quotes, which can be signed digitally, and turn that quote into an invoice. And through Billy, clients can pay you via credit card, and on average this means you get paid 10 days sooner than via a check.

If you want to read more about the feature of the Billy app, click here.