July 10th

  1. Moved logout button out from the drop-up to be always visible
  2. Add tooltips to Logout, Settings, and Help buttons in the user menu
  3. Released an updated way of converting PDF to images. This tool will support a broader set of PDF formats and will be quicker.

July 19th

  1. “Fit widget bills overlay” – the drop area size on the bills widget on the dashboard was not rendering nicely. This bug is squished. 

July 24th

  1. What do you call your taxes? Tax name customization field in settings that updates in invoices for GST and HST customers.
  2. Fix required fields with no ‘*‘on them, cash and new account

July 27th

  1. “Allow users to select a period from the Contact Export window”.
  2. There was a problem in Edge with a chart not displaying on one of the widgets on the dashboard (Anyone know what the “easy numbers” widget refers to?), and that should now be fixed.
  3. Affiliate program launched with working tracking links