“Billy’s features are just so easy to use.”

“It’s the easiest to use one out there without sacrificing what you can do.”

“It’s really easy use and full-featured.”

Whenever we ask why our new customers came to Billy, these are the responses we get. Turns out, when it comes to accounting software, people really want just two things: 1) be easy as all get out to use, and 2) have all the features they need to get the job done. If you’ve given FreshBooks a try but are still looking, here’s why Billy might be the right choice for you.

1. Billy gives you an unlimited number of clients at every tier.

FreshBooks puts a cap on the number of clients you can have in your account, depending on their tiers. Just take a look at their pricing model:

As soon as you start working with a 6th client, you’ll have to upgrade to Plus (and likewise with your 51st client). That’s almost like punishing you for growing your business! Even the smallest freelancers we work with grow beyond 5 clients very quickly, and even if they don’t, it makes no sense to delete previous clients from your accounting software to accommodate the new ones. What if the other client comes back?

Our FreshBooks alternative gives you unlimited customers and contacts at every tier. With Billy, you never have to worry about having to upgrade your plan just because your business is expanding. Look, we want you to upgrade because of the other great features and services we can bring to a growing business, not just because you take up more server space. FreshBooks wants you to upgrade at 6 clients; Billy doesn’t need you to even at 6,000.

2. Billy has more features at every tier.

When it comes to features, we are the FreshBooks alternative you’re looking for (sorry, we just watched the new Star Wars. No spoilers, promise!). One big thing that every user needs, at every level, is recurring invoices. Even if you have just five clients, who wants to recreate the same invoice every month? It’s a hassle that you shouldn’t ever have to deal with, no matter how much you’re paying for your accounting software. Check out Freshbook’s pricing plan again:

You only get recurring invoices when you upgrade to their Plus plan. We at Billy think every customer should get access to this feature. It’s not only something every single business owner uses, no matter how many clients, but it’s sort of the whole point of an easy-to-use accounting software option. Invoicing is annoying, we know that, and we’re not going to cripple the lower-tier plan by not providing a necessary feature. You need it. We know you need it. And it’s there, no matter what.

Another feature that every Billy user gets is double-entry accounting. You can follow the link to learn what this is, in-detail, but the gist is that come tax-time, your accountant won’t have to re-enter all your financial data again into whatever software they use (probably Quickbooks), and then spend another 6-8 hours reconciling bank transactions. With double-entry accounting, it’s enter it once and it’s done. Your accountant will thank you. And even if he/she doesn’t, that’s still hours shaved off their bill. That’s thanks enough. Billy has double-entry accounting for all users at every tier. FreshBooks doesn’t.

3. Billy is less costly as your business grows.

This final thing is sort of a no-brainer, so it’s awkward to even write about: Billy simply charges less than FreshBooks as you grow. Here’s our pricing plan:

At the middle tier, you’ll save $6/month over FreshBooks. At the highest, $11/month. Billy gives you more features for less, and in this way, we’re not just a FreshBooks alternative; we’re also the Quickbooks alternative. And if we weren’t easy to use, we wouldn’t have such stellar user reviews on Capterra.

So if you’ve tried what’s out there and are still looking for the right accounting software to grow your business with, give Billy a chance. Our alternative to FreshBooks (and others) is a rapidly growing product that can help you balance your books while taking a smaller bite out of them. Give it a free spin and tell us what you think.