Our team

Joshua Waldman

President, CEO, Operations, Marketing
Joshua’s background in business building as a soloprenuer brought him to Billy for his own businesses. When the company needed a leader to grow their userbase in the US and international markets, they brought him on as CEO. Joshua is the author of several books, including a For Dummies title.

  • Business Development 50%
  • Marketing 80%
  • Operations 10%

Ryan Westby

Front-end Developer
Ryan spends his days experimenting and developing for the web. He specializes in front-end development, and is charged with coding UI/UX improvements and new features for Billy’s platform. In his free time, he’s out climbing, skiing, or coding more.

  • Javascript 85%
  • CSS & HTML 70%
  • APIs and integrations 50%

Laurie Ann Silberman

Customer Support
Laurie Ann Silberman is an IT professional who has been working in the field for close to twenty years. She is passionate about providing the users the best possible experience with whatever company and software she represents. She calls it her “Can’t Not Do.” L.A. started as a front end interface developer and then learned multiple additional roles, including Business/Systems Analysis and Project Management, before deciding to specialize in User Experience.

  • Customer Happiness 80%
  • Tech Support 30%
  • Community Management 50%

Robert Woo

Writer, Blog manager, researcher
Robert Woo has been in marketing for over 12 years specializing in SEM, email, and content creation. When not writing blog posts and white papers, he writes comedy and plays guitar just enough to maintain his finger calluses. He takes a multivitamin everyday.

Naomi Granger, CPA

Subject matter expert on all matters accounting
Naomi Granger is Certified Public Accountant turned entrepreneur who has decided to dedicate her life to teaching small businesses financial fluency so they can make a sound, numbers based, strategic decisions and save money in the process.

Timely Support

We are committed to your success. We know accounting and financial management can be frustrating. Our mission is to make it hassle-free.

Innovative Ideas

We strive to think differently than other accounting platforms, to approach old problems in new ways, to revolutionize how businesses manage their finances.

Advanced Technology

We leverage the latest to get you fast, reliable and safe accounting software.

Clear Communication

Our customers are experts in their field, and that just might not be accounting. We never talk down to you. We strive to provide you with the clearest answers possible.

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