Billy Quickstart

Make your accounting easy by starting strong

I was having a few struggles with “Billy” so I booked some time with Tracy Ross. She was amazing! My books are organized, I understand how to do the accounting properly and she even showed me a few shortcuts. She takes the time to go through everything that I was struggling with. If anyone is having any issues with Billy, book time with her. I am so glad I did. I am so much more efficient because of her help.

Susan E. Smith

Who Quickstart is for

Quickstart will save you time and money if you are:

  • New to bookkeeping software
  • Migrating from years of spreadsheets
  • Jaded by other more complicated accounting programs
  • Interested in saving time and being more efficient

What you get with Quickstart

  • 1 hour with our Sr. professional service consultant
  • Confidence to know how to handle your books so you can avoid having to hire a bookkeeper
  • A customized Chart of Accounts for your business so your taxes are easy at the end of the year
  • Training on how to use Billy more efficiently to save you time on back-office work

Meet Tracy

Our customers LOVE Tracy. You’ll be working with her and her team to get your Billy installation ready for a year of transactions so that you’re spending less time on your books and more time with your customers.

Get your Quickstart today!

Start your business on the right footing and work with us today. Quickstart is only $129.

Requirements for Quickstart

Quickstart is ONLY available on new Billy organizations. If you already have an organization which has transactions reconciled to accounts, we may ask you to create a new organization.

Otherwise, you should look at our Full Onboarding Services.

Our promise to you

I guarantee our professional services will help you to get your bookkeeping automated so you can get back to doing what you love to do (and I’m pretty sure it was not accounting) in short order or we’ll cheerfully refund your money, no questions asked.