Create Beautiful Invoices in Seconds

Create professional looking, customized invoices, email them with one click and get paid online.

Customize invoices with your logo
Know when your invoice is viewed
Create quotes and estimates

Accept credit cards

Your customers pay your invoices online with credit cards, and your funds reach your bank account in as little as two business days.

Work with multiple currencies

Do you have international customers? Billy handles multiple currencies and automatically calculates exchange rates!

See when invoices are opened

See exactly when your invoices are sent viewed and paid. Easily add late payment fees to encourage your clients to pay on time.

Send recurring invoices

Let Billy automatically invoice your clients and charge their credit cards so you never miss a payment.

Get paid faster

See all your overdue invoices at a glance, and send your customers friendly reminders to keep your cashflow healthy.

Process discounts and refunds

Add discounts to your invoices so your customers know they’re getting a great deal. Process refunds and return with ease.

Decide how and when to get paid

Select custom payment terms for each client, such as Net 30 for Bob and Net 15 for Pam. Billy lets you choose different payment methods for each client, such as credit cards for Pam and checks for Bob.

Bill anytime, anywhere

With Billy’s app, available for iOS and Android, you can bill your clients from their office or home so they can pay you immediately.

Create quotes and estimates

Billy makes it incredibly easy to create quotes and estimates. Send them to your customers, get them approved online, and convert them into invoices with one click!

Add sales taxes to your invoices

Do you sell in multiple states or countries? Create as many sales tax rates as you want, and Billy will automatically add them to your invoices based on your customers’ locations.

Take Control of Your Finances

Keep track of your expenses and see where your money is going. Go paperless, remove clutter and stay organized.

All your financials in one tidy places
Link your bank account to import all your expenses automatically

Keep more of your money

Billy shows you exactly where your money is going so you can eliminate unnecessary expenses and increase your bottom line.

Spot who isn't paying on time

Billy shows you at a glance who’s slow to pay so you can stay on top of your collections and avoid running out of cash to run your business.

Track Expenses Automatically

Link Billy with your bank account and we’ll import and categorize all your expenses automatically. Claim all your tax deductions and never leave money on the table again!

Stay on top of your financial numbers

Billy makes it quick and easy to get an X-ray of your business with financial reports like profit and loss, balance sheet, tax summary, customer statements and accounts receivable.

Import your bank statements

Import all your expenses from your bank and credit card statements and let Billy match them to your invoices and bills automatically!

Sail through tax season

Billy makes tax season stress-free. Just invite your accountant to access your journal entries and financial reports and let them do the rest of the work!

Your data is safe

We take your data safety extremely seriously. We protect it with 256-bit SSL encryption and back it up to multiple data centers.

Keeping your data secure is at the heart of what we do.

And, your data is yours. We make it easy for you to export it anytime you want.

Accountants love us

Billy is compliant with double-entry accounting standards and is a web-based app, meaning that your data is securely stored on the cloud so your accountant and you can access it at any time. Just invite your accountant and they’ll be able to access your journal entries in a format that is compatible with the software they already use.

Outstanding support

We’re incredibly proud of our 97.4% customer satisfaction score! We offer free email support to all our users, and live-chat support to Billy Premium customers (M-F 9am-6pm Pacific Time.)

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