Get up and running FAST
with Billy’s personalized
onboarding services

Are you losing thousands of dollars each year?

Have you ever lost track of a late invoice?

Maybe you didn’t deduct your vacation expenses the right way so you missed out on a big cash saving?

Worse yet, do you realize that if you still co-mingle your business and personal accounts, the IRS could disqualify all of your valuable expense deductions?

Most entrepreneurs new to accounting software struggle to make sense of things. Debits and credits, expense accounts, journal entries, contra-accounts etc. just give you a headache. No matter how ‘pretty’ the user interface is, it’s still accounting and its still confusing.

That’s why we have a service called, “Get Up and Running with Billy” which could not only save you weeks of wasted time, but it could save you thousands of dollars at tax time when set up correctly.

Want to learn more?

How the program works

  • A Rockstar member of our Business Professionals Team will work with you personally to compile the information needed to complete your setup of Billy.
  • Together, the two of you will customize the Billy App to your needs and have you up and running in a few hours… not days or weeks.
  • Through this step by step process, you will know exactly what your options are and which settings are best for you and your business. You will have an in-depth knowledge of how Billy is configured just for you.
  • This personal one on one service will significantly reduce your setup time, shorten the learning curve, and answer your questions as they come up.
  • Once you are ready to start using Billy, we’ll take some time to explore the best accounting practices for generating invoices, entering expenses, capturing receipts and reading your financial statements that work specifically for you.

The bottom line is that when all is said and done, you will have a functional automated accounting system that will save you time and money while providing you with the tools needed to effectively manage your business.

Today’s Special Offer

Our “Get Up and Running with Billy” service regularly sells for $597.

But right now, you have this CHANCE to get it for only $297.



In addition to getting one-on-one onboarding and accounting help, we’ll also give you the following for no extra cost

  • A tailored chart of accounts, specific to your industry (normally $97)
  • One month free access to our members-only training portal (normally $97/mo)
  • A 15-minute follow-up call in the first 60 days following your setup session to see how you are doing and answer any questions you may have (normally $50)

Our promise to you

I guarantee our onboarding services will help you to get your bookkeeping automated so you can get back to doing what you love to do (and I’m pretty sure it was not accounting) in short order or we’ll cheerfully refund your money, no questions asked.

What our customers are saying about this service

“Wow!  If I had to justify money spent on any service for my business, I’d have to say that Billy’s Onboarding Service ranks #1.  Having Tracy’s expertise literally meant the difference between many, many Google searches and training videos to getting my business set up perfectly.

I would have never been able to figure out all the nuances of business accounting nor how to utilize Billy efficiently in a way that made sense for my business.  Not only did Tracy work with me to correctly setup and balance my year-to-date revenue and expenses, but she also helped me figure out the exact weekly processes I needed in order for my accounting to work correctly based on my particular business model.

Throughout the onboarding process, I was able to learn great accounting practices that should save me money during tax season.  I’d like to keep Tracy all to myself but thought I should share my results so others looking into the Billy Onboarding Service would know that, for me, it was totally worth the money spent!”

Pam Wiselogel

Founder, Patio & Pizza

“I totally whacked my Billy setup. Wishing I’d done the onboarding service sooner. Tracy is amazing!”

Adrianne Machina


“Hey everyone, just a note…I was having a few struggles with “Billy” so I booked some time with Tracy Ross. She was amazing! My books are cleaned up. I understand how to do the accounting properly and she showed me a few shortcuts. She takes the time to go through everything that I was struggling with. If anyone is having any issues with Billy, book time with her. I am so glad I did. I am so much more efficient because of her help.”

Susan Smith

Owner, Monarch Webworks