Don’t just take our word for it

Billy is incredibly simple to use and creates professional invoices/payment system. I can easily maintain all of my businesses billing needs.

Joshua Young

Founder/CEO, Reflective Brands

I love that I am able to add images to the invoices is a great feature and having the picture there makes it easier to look up the cost of an item if I ever need to use it again.

Lindsay Rae

Designer, LRK

Great, Easy of Use with great Customer Support.

Angelos Sfakianakis


Superb accounting software.

Ankit Sharma

Accountant, Om sai travel

Awesome accounting software

Cory Gerrior

RD Hair

Nothing can beat this!

Mai Yang

Owner, Frutiya Farm

Great for my needs!

Lynne Stahl


I love Billy!

Maxine Barnett

Bookkeeper, GMD Creative Group

Love the service and platform

James Wester

Marketing Director / Head of Strategy, iGruve Marketing

We have clients in multiple countries and with different currencies, so Billy is super easy to use and if you need the support is fast.

Billy is also a double entry software, which means it’s fully compliant with the rules of accounting. I know, accounting is boring, but at least with Billy can be easy.

Leonardo Pinheiro

CEO, Pine3Media

We enjoy the simplicity of the Billy software. The ability to invoice customers and give them options on paying their invoices Has made this process easy. We do not need to sign up with a merchant account service.

Keith King

Operations Manager, TaZa Design, LLC

Billy, my online accountant.

Cammy Ang

CEO, Projectnfinity

For a new accounting software it is pretty good and easy to use.

Patricia Rivera

Accountant, Rivera Accounting and Tax Services

Perfect for simple, repetitive billings.

Marina Kosoy

Cpa- firm owner, Marina Kosoy CPA

Great experience!

Kay Ma

Hayden & Ella

Great Service!

Thao Y.

The Medicine Shoppe

I hated my old accounting system, so sometimes didn’t send bills on time! Billy is a lot more straightforward for me to use. It’s built around things I need to, rather than accounting constructs that I barely understand. Yes, you can quote me.

Dave Roberts

Owner, Web Marketing Advantage

[Billy] streamlined my billing and organized the products I bill for which gives me a great way to organize my business. It’s the no hassle billing/expenses accounting software I needed after tying the bloated/expensive enterprise offerings. Reconciling payments and expenses is a breeze.

Woody Mendoza

Web Developer, Intricate Web LLC

The software is quite easy to input an invoice or expense. UX is very friendly to me, and I like the user interface.

Francis You

CEO, PT Studios

Good service, easy to use.

Paul Ngumii

Freelance Web Developer, SimpleKraft

Easy accounting for right brain thinkers….

Bevan Von Weichardt

Owner, Webspring

Simple, But Powerful

Johnathan Martinez

Clickitivity, Inc

Billy is a perfect fit for our needs!

Jake Kienholz

CEO, Happy Robot

So good, so far

Denise Daskal

Owner, Orange Cup Coral Salon

Extremely simple and great to use

Jonathon Roeland


I took an afternoon and re-input every invoice that I had in Quickbooks since Jan 2017. While that was some work, it got me familiarized with the program instantly, and I had better questions when I attended the Getting Started Webinar. I just LOVE how much easier Billy is to use. Shockingly, even my accountant likes it. I’m just praying you stay in business because all of my financial life is now in your hands. I guess I better start spreading the word. Well done. Fantastic piece of software. Thank you!

Adrianne Machina

Chief Velocity Officer, Tornado Marketing

Since it is designed by freelancers, it is really convenient to use. Has so many features that are extremely useful for my accounting needs.

Karan Uppal


It’s [Billy] very easy to use. It has all the features I need to successfully manage my accounting, it even helps me to manage it more accurately and efficiently. I have to say the customer service is exceptional and they helped make the transition from QB to Billy seamless.

Cheri Anderson

Owner, Cheri Anderson, LLC

I like that I can easily see open invoices, and when things are due to be paid. I also love being able to track my expenses, and that everything is in 1 place vs. several spread sheets.

Angela McGurk

Owner, 3 Charm Studio

This software is easy to use, navigate through, user-friendly for creating personal business info!

Annaliese Dorame

Owner, Larkspur Cleaning LLC

Billy is great!

Tyler Caudle

Mount Airy Computers

Super amazing!

Matti Nadiry

Selab nadiry travel

Great accounting software!

Cheri Anderson

Founder, CEO, Cheri Anderson, LLC

More suitable for the startup company than the bloated alternatives

Chris Baswell

Moab Technologies

Billy runs our small business

Tim Beran

Marlow Beran, Inc.