During our “Welcome to Billy” online training a few months ago, where we showed people around our software, I noticed an interesting trend. About 70% of the questions asked were actually not about Billy’s platform. They were business finance questions, accounting questions, and tax questions.

So during the call I asked participants, can Billy do more to help you succeed in business than just provide you with great software? And the overwhelming answer was YES, we want more.

Poll results told us that online video training and a chance to get specific questions answered by a CPA would be of most value.

That’s exactly what we did with Billy University, which launched this Tuesday. We already have 20 members enrolled and hope everyone using Billy will consider the value of having a financial education. For a fraction of the cost of an MBA, or even keeping an accountant on retainer, members go through monthly video training on a variety of business finance topics geared specifically to help you succeed, no fluff or theory. They also get to ask our resident CPA genius, Naomi, any question they want.

As part of this educational series, we’ll be hosting a different guest expert each month for a live video call. All Billy users can watch those live trainings. But only Billy University students will get access to the recording archive.

Next month’s expert topic will be on small operational loans and business credit, when to borrow money and when not to. Be sure you’re on our newsletter to get that invitation.

To learn more about Billy Universities curriculum and pricing, Click HERE.